Infranomics' Atlas and Hercules: Vital Tools for Strategic Bidding in the Revamped North East Project Gigabit

Latest Development: Bidding for North East Project Gigabit Resumes Under a New Voucher Scheme


In a significant turn of events, the Project Gigabit contract for the North East of England is now back in the spotlight, reinvigorated with a voucher-based scheme. This innovative approach opens the field to ISPs and Altnets, presenting a prime opportunity for these entities to capitalise on broadband expansion in some of the most challenging terrains. In this context, Infranomics’ cutting-edge tools, Atlas and Hercules, are poised to play a pivotal role.

Atlas and Hercules: Spearheading Strategic Decisions:

  1. Atlas – Your Financial Compass: Atlas emerges as a strategic ally, offering incisive financial modelling and scenario analysis. This tool empowers providers to meticulously evaluate and pinpoint areas where vouchers can be most effectively deployed, balancing economic viability with service demand.
  2. Hercules – The Architect of Network Excellence: At the heart of network design and optimisation, Hercules brings AI-driven insights to the forefront. It equips providers with the ability to craft superior network designs, meticulously plan resource allocation, and streamline project timelines, all tailored to the unique demands of the North East’s landscape.

Driving Data-Led Choices:

The synergy between Atlas and Hercules ensures a decision-making process anchored in robust data. Providers leveraging these tools can:

  • Identify high-demand zones for voucher utilisation.
  • Craft network expansion strategies with precision.
  • Navigate financial uncertainties while optimising government incentives.
  • Allocate resources with strategic foresight.

Gaining the Competitive Edge:

In a landscape where strategic acumen is paramount, Atlas and Hercules offer ISPs and Altnets a formidable edge. These platforms not only fulfil the Project Gigabit’s criteria but also promise profitable and sustainable network growth.

The Call to Action: Seize the Opportunity with Infranomics:

As the bidding reopens, it’s a clarion call for ISPs and Altnets to embrace this unique opportunity. Infranomics invites you to leverage Atlas and Hercules, harnessing their potential to navigate this voucher scheme successfully. It’s time to make your mark in the North East’s broadband landscape. With Infranomics, transform this challenge into your success story.


The revival of the North East Project Gigabit bid symbolises a crucial juncture in UK’s broadband journey. Infranomics’ Atlas and Hercules emerge not just as tools, but as partners in this venture. Join forces with Infranomics and step into a future where your strategic choices set the foundation for an interconnected, digitally empowered North East. Take the leap, and let Infranomics guide your path to triumph in this renewed bid.