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Hercules AI: The New Speed of Telecom Design — HLD+ in Hours, with Financial Precision

In today’s rapidly changing telecommunications industry, Infranomics offers a suite of AI-powered tools that simplifies the complexity of network planning and optimisation for telecom companies.

Developed by Infranomics, Hercules AI stands out for its intelligent design, which supplies comprehensive solutions to drive strategic growth, enhance operational efficiency, while significantly reducing costs. It’s like having an AI companion that helps you navigate the future of your network expansion, with advanced planning that ensures you’re always one step ahead.


Key Advantages of Choosing Hercules AI as Your Preferred Solution:

  1. AI-Powered Network Planning: Hercules AI uses artificial intelligence to look into the future and plan your network growth. It guides you on how and where your network should expand, ensuring you make the most of your resources.
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  1.  Asset Value Determination: Knowing the true worth of your network assets is vital. Hercules AI offers precise assessments, which is super useful whether you’re looking to invest more or considering selling parts of your network.
  2. High-Level Design Optimisation: With Hercules AI, you get the smartest network designs that not only look good on paper but also save you money. It ensures you build the network in the best places, avoiding unnecessary costs.
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  1. Market Penetration Optimisation: Hercules AI ensures your network reaches more people, boosting your company’s growth and presence in the market, and driving up your revenue.
  2. Financial Scenario Exploration: Make money-wise decisions with Hercules AI. It helps you look at different financial outcomes and choose the best path that maximises your return on investment.
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  1. In-Depth UPRN Analysis: Get detailed insights into every property your network touches. Hercules AI’s deep analysis ensures you focus your efforts where they’re needed most, improving your service and boosting your income.
  2. Bill of Materials Analysis: Be smart with your resources. Hercules AI helps you understand exactly what materials you need for your network builds, streamlining procurement efforts.
  3. Workforce Requirement: Plan your workforce efficiently: Hercules AI predicts the best number of people you’ll need to complete your projects, ensuring you don’t overspend on labour.
  4. Accurate Build Rate Forecasting: Stay on track with your network builds. Hercules AI forecasts how quickly you can build, helping you meet your network expansion goals on time.
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  1. Stock Forecasting: Avoid material shortages or excesses. Hercules AI predicts how much stock you’ll need and when you’ll need it, ensuring you’re always ready to build.
  2. Service RFS Readiness Forecasting: Be prepared for new services. Hercules AI forecasts when distinct parts of your network will be ready, helping you plan better and start earning from new connections faster.
  3. Consultancy Services: Get expert advice when you need it. Hercules AI comes with consultancy services to help you understand and get more value from the software.

Hercules AI is a companion for your FTTP business to succeed. It gives you all the insights and tools you need to make informed decisions, save money, and grow your presence in the market.